HemExpress1 Alterations

Corpus Christi's local and home based alteration services at your convenience!
We Pick up and Deliver @ your home or your office.
All Major Credit Cards accepted.

Gallery of Services and PricesListed here are just the basic and most common alterations with starting prices. Please call 361-215-0945 or email ( hemexpress1@yahoo.com) for a quote if your item is not listed.

Coats, Jackets and Men's Shirts:

Coat Sleeves shortened -$25.00 

Shirts shorts sleeves shortened -$10.00

Shirts long sleeves shortened -$15.00

Sides in or out -40.00

Center back seam in or out -$30.00

Hem shortened -$30.00

Replaced zipper (Jacket) -$15.00 and up


Hem (Regular)-$8.00

Hem Jeans Original -$14.00

Hem with Cuff -$10.00

Hem with lining - $12.00

Waist in/out Slacks -$10.00

Waist Seat and crotch -$15.00

Waist Seat and crotch taper legs -$18.00

Replace Zipper Jeans -$15.00

Replace Zipper slacks -$15.00

Slacks and Khaki Pants Taper Legs -$15.00

Shortened -$20.00 and up
Shortened layered -$25.00 and up
Side in/out unlined -$15.00 and up
Side in/out lined -$18.00 and up
Lift up shoulders/straps adjustment -$18.00 and up
Replace Zipper unlined -$20.00 and Up
Replace Zipper lined -$25.00 and Up

                 Skirts and blouses:
               Shorten ( unlined) - $15.00
               Shorten ( lined) - $20.00
               Sleeves - $15.00 and up
               Sleeves (lined) - $20.00 and up
               Sleeves with cuff - $25.00 and up
               Waist in and out - $15.00
               Tapered sides (unlined) - $15.00
               Tapered sides ( lined ) - $20.00